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Community Counselling Connections is a division of ScriverConsultants Ltd., which has been providing professionalCounselling & Human Resource Services since 1984.Our Community Counselling Connections Program (CCC)is a wide spectrum counselling service, often referred to asan Employee and Family Assistance Program. A number ofcertified counsellors (Master's Degree Minimum) trainedin short-term solution focused therapy, provide options andchoices for employees and their respective family members indealing with their wellness and life balance issues.Partnering with Registered Clinical Counsellors and counsellorsregistered with the Canadian Counselling Association, is ourunique way to give clients:

* a wide spectrum of counsellor choices
* access to professionals with years ofexperience/expertise
* access to counsellors province wide
* public (client) protection via their professionalassociations code of conduct and ethical practicestandards

Our Community Counselling Connections Program (CCCP) is a community based counselling service often referred to as an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). A number of certified community counsellors (Masters Degree Level) provide options and choices for employees and their respective family members in addressing their wellness issues.

Appointments are scheduled within 24 hours ofcontact. In the case of emergencies, clients are giventhe highest priority and will be accommodated asquickly as possible.

Appointments are easily accessible by contactingthe Community Counselling Connections office at 374-3388 or 250-374-7457 or info@counsellingconnections.ca

All client contact and information is kept strictlyconfidential and may only be released with theclient's written consent.

Registered Clinical Counsellors, Canadian CertifiedCounsellors and/or equivalent Master Degree Levelprofessionals within your community have beencontracted to provide a high level of quality service.

Short-term solution focused therapy is implementedand referrals to Community Agencies are madewhen deemed necessary.

Client satisfaction surveys and quality of counsellorservice is monitored on a regular basis.

Access to a wide choice of community counsellors(male and female) is available to employees and/ortheir immediate family members.

A wide range of counsellor experience and expertise via numerous Counselling Associatesmay be accessed by clients.

Counselling appointments can be made by telephonethrough the Community Counselling Connectionsoffice, email or directly with the qualified communitycounsellors who have agreed to participate in theCommunity Counselling Connections program.

Quality of service is continually monitored for yourprotection.

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