I take great pleasure in recommending Community Counselling Connections' services. We have entrusted the well being of our most valuable asset, our employees, into their capable hands and have been extremely pleased with the results. In 2003, Argo transferred its EFAP counselling needs over to Greg Scriver and his associates at Community Counselling Connections. Without a doubt, the counselling needs of our employees have been handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality. In our line of work, there is a large amount of stress that comes with the job which can be compounded by any personal stress that our employees come under. It is very reassuring as a manager to know that they are able to turn to Greg and his associates for help and coping skills. In the end, not only does it benefit Argo as a company but more importantly our employee and his/her family.

Harvey Nelson
General Manager, Argo Road Maintenance (Thompson) Inc.
Kamloops, BC

I am very pleased at utilizing the services of Community Counselling Connections as a service provider for Canadian Pacific Railway's employees, family members and pensioners in the B.C. Interior. Community Counselling Connections is a valuable asset in our communities. It has been instrumental in providing our employees quick, flexible, and professional assistance with their personal problems in their times of need. We have access to a wide choice of counsellors who bring a great range of experience and expertise to our employee's personal situations. Their workshops are very proactive, informative and interesting.

Community Counselling Connections definitely lives up to its' mission statement.

I support and endorse this agency as a very reputable and professional service.

Mauro F. Morrone
Past EFAP Referral Agent
Canadian Pacific Railway

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Community Counselling Connections as a counselling service.

Community Counselling Connections have managed our Employee Assistance Program for School District # 73 employees since 2003 and have always displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility.

The service provided continues to be invaluable to our members and is well received by all users to date.

Community Counselling Connections would be an asset to any organization and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.

John Hall
C.U.P.E. Local 3500

School District No. 73 (Kamloops/Thompson) moved its EFAP program to Community Counselling Connections in March 2003 and has received much positive feedback from employees relating to the change. This feedback includes:

-The choice of on-line or telephone contact

-The choice of a wide range of community counsellors

-The quickness of arranging counselling session(s).

In addition to the employee feedback, the EFAP Committee is receiving very meaningful reports from Counselling Connections and notes that a substantial increase in program utilization by employees. Based on the aforementioned and the personalized service available through Counselling Connections I have no hesitation in recommending them as a professional, accessible, accommodating EFAP provider.

Sharlene Bowers
Human Resources
School District No. 73

We have been very impressed and pleased with the quality of counselling at Community Counselling Connections.

As our members face growing stress from their employment,the need for effective and differentiated counselling services is vital.Whether it is for personal or family counselling, or for mediation services, Community Counselling Connections has been able to offer a wide array of services to meet the needs of our members and our organization.

We would note that counsellors are always able to accommodate our members who have in turn provided very positive feedback regarding their experiences.

The exceptional services provided by Community Counselling Connections has been instrumental in the ongoing psychological wellness of our members.

David Komljenovic
Kamloops/Thompson Teachers Association

We are very pleased to recommend the services of Community Counselling Connections. Mr. Scriver and his counsellor associates have consistently provided professional, empathetic, timely and effective support for our employees in their times of personal need. On a proactive basis, several life skills and communication workshops were offered and have been tremendously well received at MOLY-COP Canada . Our employees strongly support their choice to have Community Counselling Connections as their EFAP provider.

Kelly Thompson
Administration Manager

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